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    i muted you for a reason. You was spamming and flooding the chat with useless binds after killing them, your friend macks insulted me after i muted you, this is not the first time you flood the chat and you can ask other admins.

    I muted you for 25 mine for this reason.

    I will upload ss if needed, just cant upload because the forums is bugged on my pc.

    Next time learn from your mistakes.

    Im leaving this for nafto


    Screens here.



    aighty, just came to prove everything.
    i muted you for 30 mins because you are a rules breaker who never learn from his mistakes and repeating it everytime.
    then i unmuted you and muted you for 15 mins due spamming ( someone reported you for spamming )
    also you sent a screens before you take mute ( and i muted him for 15 mins too )
    P.S: both of you was muted for sharing links too.

    5. Spamming / flooding - You have to mute target for 10 mins , in case if he does that again, double his last mute - 20 mins

    i was about muting you for 10 mins but you kept spamming with your nick " .................... " and flooding the chat.

    also i think you forgot what you have done for me, insulting my mom and my country.
    im leaving this to the head of the reports

    Hey Buddy,
    Firstly i joined the server then i saw you speaking arabic in the global and players started to spam me so i muted you. i didn't warn you in the first time you know why ? because you arent a new player you know the rules well.
    also when i muted you, you kept joining the server with multiple accounts to speak so i warned you to leave the server to join with your real-account.
    after that you started to threat me that you will remove my admin rights etc..
    between you reported me for 5 mins mute?

    and here some screens when you was provoking, insulting and speaking arabic in global/local.
    1- [ someone sent me this to punish the following players for non-english/insulting | P.S the following players who i didn't punish them becuase they left, they will be reported to our admin staff to punish the player when he comeback. ]


    3- [ Repeating what others said, insulting ]

    4- [ Avoiding mute by joining the server with another account/provoking. ]

    you said that i didn't mute them for non english ?

    2019-06-08 09:54:41] [Output] : // M3M|ROQZ has been muted for 5 minutes by 3RSubway.

    [2019-06-08 09:54:41] [Output] : Reason: Non-English | Reported.

    [2019-06-08 09:55:26] [Output] : // #Ro[C]K has been muted for 5 minutes by 3RSubway.

    [2019-06-08 09:55:26] [Output] : Reason: Non-English | Reported.

    nothing to say, im waiting the head of reports.

    Eid Mubarak everybody. Ramadan left us like the rocket tobehonset. I can't believe that but anyway Eid didnt leave us! Take da money from your dad and enjoy *_*

    Sad i wont be able to play with you in eid but for that, there is will be a giveaway soon stay stand ;)

    I can only say that the ping almost does not solve. Everything depends on the physics of mta and only it solves the game. Some people do not understand this but you must understand that little depends on ping. If only a person teleports.

    sorry for sticking my nose here but you are right there is kick system

    First time i meet you it was just last year i think and i liked you so much which we was in one team " rP// " then you letf us to join 3R and we ll was sad because you left us. but when i joined 3R i was really happy that i will be with you again, but Beautiful things are not done..
    See you later skyler and i hope you visit us again and if possible i hope you back to us.

    Hell no, lol, looks ugly as fuck.

    no, its cool i tell you why, for two reasons

    1- When you want to see someone's name instead of pressing C 2 times to back to the default system
    2- When you get hunter and wanna see who is this guy who are running and there is many players instead of pressing C2 times to back to the default system