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    1. Your in-game nickname:
    2. Player's nickname:
      Hatty, Fix
    3. Reason for reporting:
      Abusing their rights on me more than a time.
    4. Date and time(optional):
      Just now and some days ago
    5. Screenshots/logs(required):
      (Additional information)
    6. Additional information:
      so like 3-4 days ago he told twistty to mute me for provoking him just because he said " sh 2v2 pvp " so i replied with " DM ? " so he started to say are you dumb ? are you idiot ? and trashtalking after that he told twistty to mute me.
      ( I didn't find screenshots for that but i have logs. )
      today a guy started to spam so i said " shut up bitch " i know its an insult but one word ?
      ( )
      about this fix he just banned me for discord becasue i told him that he has autisim.:P
      ( you can see discord chatlog )
      today he muted me because i used a command " script " like what karma did before and lion or vodka revoked karma's rights for that.
      ( )

    Lets end this here! Is there non-eng - YES ; Is there a provocation - YES ; Did the guy who reported you got offended - YES, so I have to mute you, there is no point to report me when I am right and I have permission to mute u for 30 minutes, lets add 1st lies tho, its disrespect..

    Also a tip, remove 3R from ur username, you aren't in, also looks ugly for liers 😒

    clearly you are provoking him right now by telling him to remove the tag from his name and you know that he has to remove it after a time also telling someone that his name is ugly it causes a problem to him which you can hurt him and you doesn't know that,
    I dont even know about what happened but what i see is that you are just a rabbit who is trying to prove everything that you are making is right. there is no provocations in this converstation, yes there is non english and he deserves the mute but with your way you are just losing this report.

    Subway's Re-Join Reqeust.

    What's your name, Nickame, age and Location?:

    My name is Sohaib, Known as Subwayx) in MTA area, I'm Sixteen Yearsold I'm, Currently living in Egypt - Cairo.

    What are the most significant parts of your MtA Career?:

    I used to play in ffs gaming community as a ptp and os player but i stopped playing ffs and tried to move to 3R and joined the clan and started to improve myself more and more as a OS player. recently i started to play some DM too with OS.

    Have you been in any other clans ( if yes, Name them)?:


    Over-Powered | { Official, became Community. }MemberLeft
    3liteRacers | 3R//MemberWas Kicked by vodka
    Inferenal Edge IE// | { Official Clan. }MemberLeft
    zero-Gravity | { FFS Community Clan. }MemberLeft
    Land Saviors | { FFS, AV Community Clan. }

    How would you be useful to us?:

    Well, since i was ex-3r member i was trying to do my best to clear this community from rules breakers as much as i can, I'm gonna be useful in many things. Since im arabic and i can understand arabian language so i can take care of them, Punish the rules breakers who are trying to insult, provoking eachother.

    What are your goals as a 3R Member?:

    My goals as 3R member are Simple, I'm an experinced Shooter, Race and some "OS, some DM" Player for several years now. I know what I'm doing and I'm absolutely of the rules.

    I Also to take care of Arabic players, , Shooter players, like on forums or ingame as helping players, Punishing rules breakers overall and i see that im very ready for this job. I'm gonna do my best to prove myself to you guys to-be one of the staff. in the end, i hope you give me another chance as a member to prove myself.

    Contact Information?:

    Discord: Subway#7130

    Additional Information?:

    p.s: i coppied some of words of my old joinrequest.
    thanks for reading!


    seriously when im travelling you did it >3

    I love you and i hope you back bruh we spent good times in discord i will never forget it 💗💗😢

    im not involved here but you are right this guy is scamming people, a guy Called ZackR played with him cw 2 times and he scammed him and he talk to me about that but sadly he got no videos for that
    i hope this guy take a harsh punishment this time.
    about you Alone, in my opinion stop wasting your time in shits like that