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    Update #17 (3.1 #4)



    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug with nametags that wouldn't be displayed when spectating after having enabled car hiding.
    • Fixed a bug with PVP chat which was shown even for those that weren't in the PVP anymore.


    • Jumping on Shooter is now enabled since the start of the round.
    • Country flags have been refreshed.


    • Scoreboard has received a new design.
    • Dff files are now supported. Mappers can use custom object models on their maps. NOTE: If we have your map on the server and new models were removed, you can send your map with these files to me privately to reupload them.
    • Map songs are now supported. Players can use M bind to switch between streamer, map songs and mute. NOTE: If we have your map on the server and the map song was removed, you can send your map with the song to me privately to reupload it.



    This thread was created specifically to bring you the results of the weekly maps.

    If your map got declined, we will let you know the reason so you can fix it up then upload it again. If you have any question feel free to message n4ft0. on discord: nafto-.1#1316 or Bronana on Discord: Bronana#1335

    Accepted MAPS

    [Race] Casinopolis - Uploaded by Reiko  

    [Race] Scandinavia Circuit - Uploaded by Reiko  

    [Race] Twinkle Circuit - Uploaded by Reiko  

    Declined MAPS

    [Race] Final Rush - Uploaded by Reiko - There are enough simple race maps with just checkpoints. Add some decorations and it should be good.

    [Race] Mystic Bullet- Uploaded by Reiko - There are enough simple race maps with just checkpoints. Add some decorations and it should be good.

    [DD] Drabina - Uploaded by Ulasxd - Dune, Truck, BMX, Hunter pickups make this map rather FDD than DD.

    [Random] New Paradise - Uploaded by SOSO4EK - No map name and author, map couldn't load.

    Pending MAPS

    All DM maps posted so far

    Accepted - Your map has been accepted and will be upload max. till 1 week.

    Declined - Your map has been declined and we will give you reason why, also you can fix it up and upload it again!

    Pending - Your map is pending for test.

    If you have any question feel free to message n4ft0. on discord: nafto-.1#1316 or Bronana on Discord: Bronana#1335

    Best Regards,

    Your mapping team! 8)

    What if there was a 1v1 and one of the player got timed out?

    Will there be a timer and limit of how many times a player can time out?

    Of course. When the next round starts, PVP system checks players that quit the server (this includes all types of quits). If someone is missing, they have got 5 minutes to come back (the message is displayed for everyone in the PVP match). The round won't start until they come back or 5 minutes have passed.

    Oh, and leaving the PVP by using F1 doesn't work the same way. If someone tries to leave like that, there is a flashing message in the lobby informing about the consequences.

    Additional changes from today:

    • Players cannot start PVP when the opposite team is empty
    • Fixed a bug where PVP would continue after opponents quit by using F1. If there isn't any opponent, the PVP ends with a win for the remaining team

    Update #16 (3.1 #3)



    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug where the livery didn't change after equipping or unequipping in PVP.
    • Ping and FPS Systems are now working properly in PVP arena.
    • It's not possible anymore to mute and ban for a negative amount of time.
    • /who command has been fixed - if bound, it can be now properly turned off without having to write the command.
    • Fixed a bug with countdown in PVP arena.
    • /kick and /mute commands have been fixed for Trials.


    • AFK, FPS, and Ping Systems have been improved. The limits remain the same (minimum 20 FPS and maximum 350 ping).
    • Staff commands (such as /kick, /mute etc.) have received a small improvement.


    • In PVP arena, players can now determine own FPS and Ping limits, team names and team colours.
    • Two new shooter variants have been added to PVP arena (Shooter GK and Shooter AK+Mid).
    • AFK players have now "(AFK)" text next to their nickname on scoreboard.
    • /rate command has been added. Players can rate each map in a scale from 1 to 10. Besides map name and its creator, there is now also community rating.
    • Started PVPs now also occur on the list, and players can join them in order to spectate.

    Hello 3R Community.

    Due to several complains and suggestions I want to make a few changes in PVP related to Shooter. I have heard some suggestions already and have asked a few people how it should be. However, these suggestions are kinda different and it's hard for me to choose the best option. So I decided to make a poll here to let you everyone vote for the best, in your opinion, option.

    If you have got any other idea than listed in the poll, write it here; I'm looking forward to hear them all.

    The result will be implemented in the following update.

    Also, just to keep in mind - these changes are ONLY for PVP Shooter

    If we were listening to all your (everyone) suggestions about cash, the economy would be already the same as it was on 2.0.

    While indeed cash boost is used to encourage players to play empty arenas, it is also meant to be used on some kind of small events like you see from time to time.

    The more frequently cash boost is used the more it looses it's purpose and attractiveness.

    Edit: Also, most of the time you only have to call people on global to join the arena.

    I have so many questions about this post that I don't know where to start. I can't find any idea in what you wrote (I don't have any idea what you wrote either). I can only see a list of complains, something about software(?) and about a ball that won't go back (????). Instead of bragging about your "10 years of game knowledge" try to use that knowledge and "help us". If you want improvements, tell us what improvements. I felt like I was reading a bushism

    Update #15 (3.1 #2)



    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with DDe maps and its objects that most of the time didn't load.
    • Refunding has been fixed and is available again.
    • Jumping on shooter has been slightly improved.
    • Rocket colour lights have received some fixes.
    • Fixed a bug where some wheels had wrong textures on tires.
    • Player unbanned from arena doesn't have to reconnect anymore.
    • Team member list is now refreshing for the player after team rank change.
    • Race checkpoints should not be displayed anymore in other arenas.
    • In Race arena, vehicles after respawn are no longer damage proof.
    • Positioning in Race arena has been improved.
    • The "Return to lobby" button has been fixed.
    • Removed world objects are now actually fully removed - they still have had LOD objects.
    • The bug with two loaded at the same time maps should be fixed.
    • Timer has received some bug fixes.
    • Fixed a bug with scroll in inventory.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed to buy maps from other arenas.
    • Team management options in admin panel have been fixed.


    • Music panel has been redesigned.
    • /transfer command has been removed.
    • Anti 3R Tag system has been slightly improved.
    • Limits for force start, redo, and random have been liquidated.
    • The map info and the map timer are now smaller.
    • Time limit for nick change has been increased from 5 seconds to 60 seconds.


    • The Expansion Pack has been added.
    • CW arena has been removed.
    • PVP arena has been added.
    • PVP Chat (chat between players in the same PVP team) has been added and bound to K key
    • Shooter arena has received a crosshair. It can be enabled and disabled in settings in userpanel.
    • Rainbow skid marks have been added, and they can be enabled in settings in userpanel.
    • Muted players have now "(muted)" text next to the nickname on scoreboard.
    • If player gets unmuted by someone, the information will be displayed on chat.
    • Player can't send a report if he is muted.
    • Player can now send only 1 report per 5 minutes.
    • Players don't have to disable invitations each time they join anymore - it's now saved.
    • The progress of achievements is now visible in userpanel (similar to how it looks like in quests).
    • /mutetts command has been added. Players with permission can't use TTS if they have muted it. The text on chat is still visible for everyone, only the voice can be muted.
    • /who command now also shows the IP's country.
    • /who command has been added for moderators. However, they cannot see players' IPs (only country)
    • /who command has received a simple panel
    • /give command has now a 60 second time limit.
    • Songs have now 30 minutes time limit (the same song can't be bought again in 30 minutes).
    • Favourite option has been added to music panel.
    • Players now have set a 5 minute time limit to buy a map and a song when they join the server.
    • Added missing pickup respawns (many maps have set respawn timers for some pickups).
    • Gunfire background sounds and death sounds have been disabled.
    • Trials have received a few permissions such as kicking, muting (max. 2 hours), checking reports and img mods. This rank can be set by Admins and Super Moderators.

    Right so tbh I kinda forgot about this thread and it would be rude to completely ignore it. Sorry for taking it so long.

    Thanks for implementing the poll, I see that most players are in favour of adding a rating system.

    I will try to add the ratings. However, I don't think it's going be added in the next update.

    Added review of The Expansion Pack liveries:

    - Infernus Liveries Non-Premium 18-25

    - Infernus Liveries Premium 3-8

    - Infernus Liveries Unique 3-8

    - Cheetah Liveries Non-Premium 6-15

    - Cheetah Liveries Premium 3-7

    - Cheetah Liveries Unique 1-6

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