Need help//Forgot my Password

  • Account name (if you request account name recovery leave it empty): DraqZ

    Serial (Press F8 > type serial and an output line will appear, that's your serial).: A9C03E03A64A973A9C8B67CCAD0A4E62

    Last nickname I have used: ~>DraqZ* // with Farbcodes-> (~>#006666Draq#1C1C1CZ*)

    Last time I were able to login: Today, 08.10.2019

    Tell us all the details of how you lost your password (optional but useful): My brother create Account than i typed /changelogin and i dont know my Password anymore.

    Account(s) I use besides my main account: Accurate (My Brother's Account)

    I have been part of the following in-game clan(s): Nope

    I have given my password to somebody (If yes, please provide a name): Nope

    i can still login because my password is saved, but i dont know my pas

  • Bronana

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