Just a Random Subject

  • Hello 3R Community.

    It's been a while since y'all have seen me over here, greetings to the guys who remember me, and glad too meet the new guys over here(or not).

    However, this is not a introduction post so let's get into the problem I faced joining after like 2 years.

    So it involves two guys, the admin named Dinaz, and a kid, which nick I don't really remember who'll be named as Mr. X in this post.

    The beginning of the story starts when I noticed how Mr. X likes to provoke and piss off other players of the server and I decided, as a good citizen of this community, to pay him back with the same attitude.

    While being on the server I noticed he likes to respond to others with 'smd', and at one moment I give him back these words at which he responded "suck your pussy", which I couldn't bear with and told him that 'I bet the only pussy he has seen in his life is his mom's when he was born', then he threatened me with a mute, which later I was given by Dinaz , without any clarification, with the reason that I insulted his family.

    Wrote this not as a report for Dinaz or anything like this, just wanted to get the head administration to know that their admins don't get into the problem, but do some unconscious actions in order to get the problems off their asses, which is not really good, an admin has the responsibility to make the server a better place for players, not just the status as an admin.

    Thank you for your attention and I hope, I'll get some time to join again this server filled with memories. Cya.

  • Hold on a bit, don't admins see the global chat as I do, or I'm wrong, if they do, why nobody has taken any actions to this tho.

    And I don't really feel the family insult other there, It was just a guess based on his childish behave, which is not a insult in his, moreover, in his family's address.

  • You were reported by Foushika. At first you said "smd" which he didn't like it as you're not a friend of him, but then he answered "suck ur pussy" . You replied "I bet u haven't seen one" & then "other ur mom's" which is kinda like an insult, Isn't it? You also called him a kid when he told you he's reporting & you're getting muted "where's my mute kid ?" "I don't feel muted" ... Before speaking about others's mistakes (In your opinion) Check what you did first please.

    Besides, a mute is not a joke. It's just a first step warning. And if you have been provoked by a player, be the first to report not just ignore, cuz if he reported you first then you're guilty, no matter who's guilty, we're not detectives.

    Next time please do not insult anyone nor joke with people you don't know.

  • Emm, ok sir, I agree that I did dirty while provoking him with his words that I'll get muted, just because I thought you'd get that the

    "I bet u haven't seen one" & then "other ur mom's"

    Is not a insult as I mentioned in the main post. Google what a bet is and you'll get it.

    And then why didn't he get muted, you just have the screens how he tells me to 'suck my pussy' which is a insult.