3.1 Update #5

  • Update #18 (3.1 #5)



    Bug fixes:

    • Scoreboard has been optimized.
    • Fixed a bug with /repm command that allowed to send message even after blocking pms.
    • Fixed few bugs in PVP Shooter GK.


    • Checkpoints in Race arena have been improved - now players don't have to directly go through the checkpoint, it also counts if they pass it nearby (but not too much).
    • In car hide option, transparent vehicles are now more transparent. Furthermore, the transparency will increase the closer they are to you.


    • The Endurance Race Event has begun.
    • Hiding decorations and enabling invisible objects have been added to Race arena.
    • Personal stats have been added to PVP.
    • Search bar has been added for maps in PVP.
    • Results of searching in music panel are now sorted alphabetically.
    • The currently played song will scroll if its title doesn't fit.
    • List of mutes has been added to admin panel.
    • Staff members now must write a reason of mute.
    • Player cash boost has been added. Admins can now set cash boost individually for a chosen amount of days.
    • Players can now disable/enable liveries, lights and wheels in the settings in userpanel.
    • Restrictions related to too short nicknames have been improved.