yampika's Join Request [DD]

  • My name: Kaiser Krisztián

    My Nickname:yampika

    Age:18 Location: Hungary

    The most significant parts of my MTA career:

    -I was in 3R for a while, was good, but as u know someone faked me so that made me a little embrassed.

    -I was leadin TaD one of my old favourite clans.

    Other clans: |3R|, [GoD], [TaD], N1tro|, [HSS], etc..

    I would be useful with my routine, and activity, with my personal experience.

    My goals as a 3R member:

    -To make the clan's Clanwar team stronger.

    -To make the 3R server community better.

    -Want to show how loyal i am.

    Contact information?:


    Discord: not public

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