dmlegendZio's Join Request

  • What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?:

    My Real Name Is : Yahya

    NickName : dmlegend^Zio

    Age : 16 years old

    location : Israel

    What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?:

    I Have Small MTA CARRER : first of all i started to play freerooms servers, after 3 months playing on the same game mode i wanted to change then i moved to FFS - For Fuck Sake - i join to PTP room i get too much fun after months playing i found a game mode called " Death Match " i liked the name of the gamemode i played it, it was too hard for me but after years training and playing im a very good player on Death Match - DM after years playing dm i start to play hunter i learned it soo fast and im good at hunter too before 2 months i found this server caled : 3R - 3lite Racers , i got soo much fun here, i found karmax i played with him 2 pvps the 2 pvps went tie XD, and i get soo much fun here.

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:

    sadly no.

    How would you be useful to us?:

    i can help in clanwars.

    What are your goals as a 3R member?:

    to be the best dm member

    Contact information?:


    Additional information (optional)?: <3<3<3<3