DD Squad Update

  • Hello Everyone,
    It's been a long time since there has been any update in DD squad but now it is time to bring it back on track.

    Firstly, DD squad will be back active again, you will see it in the server and in clanwars too. Training sessions will soon be started again so that our members skills are refined in absolute way. Clanwars (Un-Official and Official) would be posted on forum regularly and this time in a continuous way.

    Secondly for Join Requests, you have to keep few things in mind before making a Join request for DD
    - You must be active in main server and available for clanwars

    - Loyalty is our prime importance

    - Once you leave after enrolling for some stupid reason there is no coming back

    - Make an effective JR (At least do a little hard work)

    - Your skills should be sufficient for handling clan wars

    DD has always been an important part of 3R and it will be like that in future. Thank you for giving your precious time and good luck with your JRs.



  • Mubeen#

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