FaiK|sR Unban :(

    1. In-game nickname: FaiK|sR, My previous nickname was Alone'21...
    2. Serial address: 504715CD774A2C3DCB8396E9E0739CF3
    3. When you were banned/blacklisted: Four or five days ago
    4. What was the reason for your ban/blacklist: Cheat money
    5. Evidences (logs/screenshots):
    6. For how long have you been banned/blacklisted: Permanent ban
    7. Additional Information (If you feel like you need to add explanation about your situation, feel free to state it here): Hello, everyone,

      I have a permanent ban because my friend is dumb had made a new profile and had transferred his old profile of 2.0 to this new one and bought his lights for $ 85,000 and it became a bug that you can sell one time , and he sold them five, six times, And so he made about twenty million and asked me to give it back to him, I promised him, you got to know his schemes and I would be guilty, Most players know me as Alone'21 from 21 Squad

    If I can not get into this server then I do not need this game

    Thank you in advance. And alive and healthy.:)

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