Abedy is back, banned?

  • Hello 3R community, First of all congratulations the 0.3 !

    I`m Abedy, I`ve been inactive for about 1 year, I focused on my school alot, and my real life things, Its a pleasure to be back to the first server i played since 2016.


    About the Banned:

    My brother " troy " was in 3R and for his unloyality he got a ban or something similar, I tried to join the server with my new name " ASPECT ", And boom ! I`m banned !

    I asked troy for the reasons and why he was banned and i discovered that his unloyality leaded him to be punished !


    And ladies and gentelmen, Its your decision.


  • thats the most stupid lie i have seen

    I`m not lying, I`m AbedY and i just came back, you can compare the English language between me and my brother, take a look on his join request, and take a look on my English !.

    Hey troy, thats u?

    I`m AbedY ! And i just came back bro ! I swear the god !


    Would be cool if you changed my name to ASPECT in 3R`s discord, He was using my discord and even thought he spoke to blood once and i would like to speak with blood in discord and i will proof to him that abedy, The voice difference.

    My instagram: aabed4._


    + I got a ban on my computer, I can join the server with my 2nd computer! But i have to request ya`ll for this.

  • your english isnt as 'good' as you think but mk i will let you go

  • n4ft0.

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