Rating maps

  • Rate system 19

    1. Yes (16) 84%
    2. No (3) 16%

    I haven't seen this feature in any other DM server - maybe there is. What I suggest is simple but yet maybe not so easy to have. Being able to vote for the best maps and sort them by the most voted, the most played/bought maps. It's not something that affects gameplay that much drastically, but I think it's something that would outstand over other race servers for being unique.

    I opened a poll since it might be more community decision.

  • Right so tbh I kinda forgot about this thread and it would be rude to completely ignore it. Sorry for taking it so long.

    Thanks for implementing the poll, I see that most players are in favour of adding a rating system.

    I will try to add the ratings. However, I don't think it's going be added in the next update.

  • Bronana

    Closed the thread.