so many new ideas.

  • NewSkinCar --> I want the monster car to make a difference to make it look better and this skin is very nice,it can be used.

    NewSkin --> I want to have the skin of a lot of characters like this, can buy with money or can be taken with certain tasks

    Symbol&Emoji --> you can use it as an emoji,or you can do something else by changing the pictures you say are unnecessary,such as example: EZ ,cry ,bb, and working with the f6 key may change.

    Lights --> I would say the car headlights on the 3R are unclear and we can do that for it to be more obvious and HD,for a nice view in the evening.

    Winter --> for winter or for the beginning of the year, we can make snow for a short period of time.

    Different Light --> Has 2 modes, one is slow and the other is fast.

    and finally, we can make a prison, and instead of silencing or kicking a player who doesn't follow the rules or causing any problems, we can put him in jail (set his time)

    I am ideas ,thank you.

  • Okay so this is going to be only my opinion, lion22 and Vodkafairy probably have to decide by themselves and I'd like to know their opinion as well.

    New car mods - I'd say we're used to standard vehicles, maybe with small modifications (like infernus' bodykit and skins). These car mods are used in freeroam servers, they weight few MBs, and as far as I know, we're trying to avoid tons of MBs to download. In addition, there are players with low-end PCs/laptops, and car mods might decrease their FPS even more.

    New character mods - Similar to car mods. In addition, we don't even use any character store (yet?), and the character itself is mostly visible only on bicycles and motorcycles.

    Emojis - Ugh... I'm not sure about that. It seems to be an useless feature. There are more important things than that.

    Lights - Not a bad idea although it's just car lights. It won't make you feel like you're playing a HD game, and you don't spend your time here to watch in-game sunset.

    Winter - It's summer.

    Different Light - They're fine, I guess.

    Prison - This isn't a RPG/RP server.

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