Reporting ZAKi

  • Your in-game nickname: forniteplayer01

    Admin's nickname: ZAKi

    Reason for reporting: Basically I quoted a guy in random and he called an admin saying that i'm spamming his quote, although i didn't, because there's anti spam and the server would have muted me if I tried, anyway, xdragex said that he could help him although he's not an admin, he messaged ZAKi and he muted me with no proof without knowing what's going on. He had no reason to mute me, I don't like reporting people because I'm not that pathetic nor butthurt about a 10 minute mute but this is getting out of hand.

    Date and time(optional): 7th of July


  • i typed them in a matter of 13-14 seconds or something, it's 3 AM so the chat is obviously almost empty, 3R has an anti-spam feature of 3-4 seconds before the last thing you typed, so muting someone for doing that wouldn't make sense, if it would, the anti-spam feature should have a higher cooldown before you can type again, but anyway.

  • When checking the log file, i saw that you repeated the same shits many times , and that's too annoying for us. I would have muted you more if i was there , also to be sure that i'm not lying let me give you some screens that would prove how annoying you were with repeating the same sentence (others were also telling you to stop it) :

    Stop getting yourself into trouble then reporting admins , we aren't responsible of your childish acts. You're right ZAKI had to make sure , but that doesn't mean you reporting him for that.

    ["Out of that report": Whoever was speaking non english in these screens is gonna be muted.]

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