Recovering my account ×2

  • Account name : rami8

    Serial : 02BCC5A46F68DB2F9BDE1E838A2EAD12

    Last nickname i have used : ....

    Last time i were able to login : Before 1 week ago

    Tell us all the details of how you lost your password (optional but useful): I did not enter the game a week ago and when I entered I found that the password was wrong like someone changed it .. Also all my other accounts i found that all the passwords are wrong with me being sure it 's correct.

    Account(s) I use besides my main account: rjm1 + rami7

    I have been part of the following in-game clan(s): HB clan.

    I have given my password to somebody (If yes, please provide a name): No.

    You said there is no such account with this name.. but when I want to create a new account with the same name, tell me there is another account with this name..

    i know that my account name isn't wrong .... you can check this ss :

    pls help me i don't want to create a new acc because i don't want to lost my money ; wins ; skins ; achivements ; quests ; and ......:(


  • Alright so first of all, my bad. This account actually exist, you're right.

    Secondly, however, this "rami8" account has been used last time on 5th April, not 1 week ago.

    Furthermore, this account has barely over 5k cash.

    Conclusion: You're mistakenly thinking that "rami8" was your main account. You have made so many accounts that you don't even know anymore which one is your main.

    I'm not closing this thread yet, maybe you will remind yourself the name of your actual main account.

  • hmm well it's my mistake too ( i'm sry about that ) ; and maybe my acc name is rami9 .....

  • Bronana

    Closed the thread.