Mapping Contest 3R

  • Hello 3R-Community!

    It's absolutely time for a Mapping-Contest.

    With the support of Renegade & Me, u'll take part of the best Event 3R has ever seen!

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

    This is a Mapping contest!

    It includes all the following arenas: DD/SHOOTER/RACE/REDZONE/FDD

    *Featuring is allowed

    *You can create and Upload as much Maps as you can. There is no limit but at least one map!

    *You must send me the Maps on Discord: z3ro-pux#5510

    *Please Name the File under following Pattern: Gamemode_NameoftheMap_Author

    For example DD_crossxyz_z3ro

    *Please Note that every Race map need to be at least 2 Minutes long

    *Every Map needs at least 35 Spawnpoints

    *Already existing Maps will be not considired!!!

    The Voting System will be announced after the deadline is over.

    *Sign-Up Deadline

    Date: Sunday June 16th, 2019 Time: 20:00 GMT+2

    *How To Sign-Up

    Send me a Message on Discord: [Your Nickname]


    [Any Comment You Would Like To Add]

    *How will this be organized

    There will be 5 categories;

    Best Race

    Best DD

    Best Redzone

    Best FDD

    Best Shooter

    Best Overall (Pick any map from any category)

    As stated before, voting format will be revealed after the deadline arrives.


    There will be a First and Second place in each category!

    First Place:

    -Special Infernus/ Cheetah Skin with your winning Gamemode-Tag on it!! So everyone can see ure the King of Mapping!

    -700.000 Server Cash


    -100€(for the Winning Participate who wins Category "overall"

    -1 Month u'll get a Mapping Server for free!!!

    Second Place:

    $300.000 Server Cash


    - 2 Weeks u'll get a Mapping Server for Free!

    ×××The Uploading Deadline of your Maps will be announced after the sign Up Deadline runs out!×××

    If you got any Qustions don't hesitate to contact us on Discord: z3ro-pux#5510 & renegade.mta#2963

    Looking forward to your Maps!


  • Hey guys,

    at the moment we start to test YOUR maps.

    Thanks for all Maps u've send us and you're going to send us!

    Great Job!

    On this attached Picture you see now after which categorys we asses YOUR maps.

    Within this Post we want to announce the official Deadline:

    It's the 21th of July 2019! 8:00 p.m GMT + 2

  • :)

  • :)

    bruh I have all of these maps right here lmao, these are some old GMC maps

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