3.0 Update #13

  • Update #13



    Bug fixes:

    • Bug with writing in search bar in map store has been fixed.
    • Fixed a bug with CW board which did not always show.
    • Fixed a bug where people who joined CW were not automatically moved to spectators.
    • The spectator eye on deathlist in CW has been moved closed to the list.


    • Moderators can now mute maximum for 2 days.
    • As a result of the vote, shooter sub-arenas have been merged back into one arena.
    • Top list layout has been slightly changed.
    • In DD and Random arenas, top wins have been changed into top kills.
    • Infernus' red lights on tailights have been removed.


    • Added a new bind in Race arena which allows to not respawn after death and spectate the rest of the round (F by default).
    • CW arena's password can be disabled with /resetcwpass command (At least moderator rank is required). If needed, CW password can be set again with the same command as usual.
    • Player's blip colour in CW will now be the same as the team he is in CW (not his normal team as it was before).
    • Personal best record has been added to top list.
    • Language chat, and it's changes will be now saved. There is no need to change it every time when joined anymore.
    • /showglobal command has been added. It turns off the global chat entirely for a player. In order to turn it on again, use the same command.
    • /show3r command has been added. It turns off the 3R chat entirely for a 3R member. In order to turn it on again, use the same command.
    • IMG mods list has been added to admin panel.
    • If player's data or vehicle is changed via admin panel (or it's command), the player will receive a notification about the change and who made it.
    • A windows notification has been added. When new round is about to start, and player's game in minimized, the player will get the notification about it.
    • In DM, HDM, and OS players' nicknames are now visible in transparent mode.
  • I liked all the changes especially about toptimes instead of camping players kill eachother to get in the toptimes in dd and random and when they see their personal stats it encourage them to get in toptimes in f5 but to be honest if you keep wins with kills on f5 it can be perfect because winning round is important as much as getting kill in dd and random.

    On the otherhand i can suggest that k/d (kill/death) ratio would be perfect for dd and random arena.

    Btw keep it up banana :thumbup::thumbup: