Kenny JR

  • What is your name, pseudonym (s), age and location? My name is Arthur, the game is Kenny. I am 16 years old. I live in Russia

    What are the most significant parts of your MTA career? It all started when my brother called me at MTA in 2015. We played on the DD servers, and it was interesting to us, but my brother stopped playing. I needed to find a server and I found a 3R server. There was a good system and players that I liked. I found good friends and many good administrators. Once I wanted to try different arenas and went to the arena of shooters, it was very cool, and there were no people who insulted. After I left MTA for a month, but after 2 months, I returned to MTA at 3R. I liked the new system, and I want to present my ideas for improving 3R. I want to join 3R in the hope of helping players and show themselves as an administrator.

    Have you been to any other clans (if yes, name them)?

    Reaction - R.N - leader

    dR - member - left

    trz - member - left

    How would you be useful to us?: I would like to express my experience of communication with you. I could give new ideas for improving shooter. I hope to improve the Shooter team a lot more than I can. I can also participate in all clan wars. because I have a lot of experience with this, I would be useful on the server. I am very active and would like to help the guests of our server.

    What are your goals as a member of 3R? I would like to help 3R in a clan brew because I know how to act at any moment. I want to help players and fight people who insult other players. Most of all I want to keep in touch with 3R members. I would like to give players various tasks that they will get money.

    Contact information ?: discord: Arthur # 5553