• What is your name, nickname (s), age and site?: My name is Kamil (K @ mix11) 16 years, I live in Poland

    What are the most important elements of MTA?

    It seems to me that the most important elements now are 3R, because as I play in MTA only on RPG servers and now

    Were you in other clans (if so, name them)? I do not know names much, but I'm in [PRO] now.

    How useful would you be to us ?: Help the players, find bugs, high activity in the game, improve moods. Searching for hackers. Great involvement. Sending new cool ideas and much more.

    What are your goals as a 3R member: My goal is to keep order and nice atmosphere. Helping the player when new will be. Restoring maps when they are messing etc.

    Contact info?:

    Discord: Kamix11 # 0905

    Email: [email protected]

    Additional information (optional) :

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