3.0 Update #7

  • Update #7



    Bug fixes:

    • CW system has received several bug fixes.
    • White squares issue in Lobby should be now fixed.
    • Cash reward in Race arena has been fixed.
    • Cash reward for finishing (getting hunter) in DM and FUN arenas has been fixed.
    • Minor nos bug fix.
    • Notification bug with car hide has been fixed. Now it doesn't occur in unwanted arenas while spectating.


    • Real time in CW arena has been moved under the CW board.
    • Colour picker has been changed/simplified.
    • Mute for spam chat information has been switched into notification.
    • Notifications have now adjustable width.
    • Round duration in Hunter arena has been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
    • Cash reward for killing has been increased from 40 to 45.
    • Cash rewards in DD, Random, Shooter and Hunter have been decreased. To make it more clear, here is a table representing the changes:

    Before Now
    Cash for winning with 5 players in the round 372 280
    Cash for winning with 10 players in the round 893 617
    Cash for winning with 15 players in the round 1527 999


    • The notification of custom commands anti-spam is now showing how much time left to be able to use it again.
    • Prices have been added to music streamer and map store.
    • "Restore default colour" option has been added to userpanel. It costs no money.
    • It is now possible to write own hex colour codes in userpanel and team panel.
    • Anti 3R tag system has been added. It will remove 3R tags from players that are not in any 3R team.
    • Hide deathlist option has been bound to "R" key.
    • /changelogin command has been added.
    • /give command has been temporarily added.
    • Search bar has been added to players list in general tab in admin panel.
    • Player's details tab has been added also for Moderators and Super Moderators. However, they cannot change any data.
    • /deletetime <1-10> command has been added for Super Moderators and Admins. This command can be used only in arenas where top times exist, and it should be used in a specific map to remove top position from the ranking.