3.0 Update #6 - Quests

  • Update #6



    Bug fixes:

    • Jumping in shooter has been fixed (this has been fixed before this update).
    • Fixed a bug with /kick command for Moderators (this has been fixed before this update).
    • Fixed a bug with invisible on radars hunters in DM and FUN arenas.
    • Fixed a bug in DM and FUN arenas where win would not be counted if the winner had hunter.
    • Fixed a bug with maps where they would get removed or duplicated after a while (although I am not sure if it's completely fixed).
    • Fixed a bug with voting where one player could vote multiple times.


    • Ping and FPS detectors have been disabled in DM and FUN arenas.
    • "Return to Lobby" option now fades in and away.
    • Radar is now more transparent to make black and dark grey blips more visible.
    • Vote redo has now priority over bought maps. If map is going to be played once again because of vote redo, bought map will be played after the redo.
    • Premium items in store can now be purchased only with 3lite Coins.
    • Push (/push) is now available only for Super Moderators and Admins.


    • Daily and weekly quests have been added.
    • 3lite Coins (3C) have been added as a new currency.
    • 3lite Coins have been added to achievements as a rewards.
    • Players who completed achievements before this update will receive missing 3lite Coins.
    • Currencies in store ($ and 3C) are now coloured.
    • Colour cost has been added to userpanel.
    • "Played" and "Hunter wins/kills/deaths" stats have been added to userpanel.
    • Blow has been removed from admin panel.
    • Slap (/slap) has been added to admin panel.
  • You can see your stats in F2 - stats. There is an "old man" icon and when you click on it you will see your transferred stats. About golden tickets .. it's a special currency you can use in store. When you open the store you will see some items you can buy with that ticket.

  • k fine i just saw something in F3 if you can change it ~>> How to leave a team while im leader you will tell me you cant leave because you leader there is about 3 leaders in clan and i cant leave so you must put leave button too and the last leader only or the creator only who cant leave without closing team or getting kicked


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