Read this before posting an Unban/Unblacklist Request


    • Don't lie in your unban/unblacklist request
    • Remember that you aren't making an unban/unblacklist request to blame any player or staff member for your own actions
    • Staff members aren't responsible for ridiculous reasons such as:
      • Friend or family member got you banned
      • Violating rules because of no knowledge
    • Threatening any staff member or player will result in no chance of coming back
    • If you are caught connecting back to the server while being banned, it will result in a permanent ban
    • If you can not provide any evidence, your request will be considered as invalid

    Thread title must contain: Unban/Unblacklist Request - Your nick in-game [specify the admin banned you here];

    Example: Unban Request - Vodkafairy [SPK], that means you are requesting an unban and you were banned by SPK.

    Make sure you have specified the admin's name that banned you.

    1. In-game nickname:
    2. Serial address:
    3. When you were banned/blacklisted:
    4. What was the reason for your ban/blacklist:
    5. Evidences (logs/screenshots):
    6. For how long have you been banned/blacklisted: 
    7. Additional Information (If you feel like you need to add explanation about your situation, feel free to state it here):