[INFO]Shooter Squad Update #1, #2, #3

  • 7/16/2019 UPDATES

    Hello, 3liteRacers Community!

    As you know we're always looking for new updates in order to offer you a better gaming experience. There are server updates which are announced by our developers and founders and squad updates which are announced by leaders, co-leaders or other staff members. Today I'm glad I can bring you a new update about the shooter squad. There's not much to say at all so let's begin.

    I think many of you got used to seeing me leading this squad. That's why I decided to come back as shooter squad's leader. Unfortunately, Hock had to leave due to his problems with some staff members. In my opinion I think he could be more patient and wait until the problems are solved. Anyways, I hope everything will get back to normal as soon as possible!

    I decided to promote Fix to co-leader. I am sure he won't disappoint me or any of us. We've been around the same communities and in the same clans for more than 5 years, I know him well and I hope we'll do the best for clan!

    Everything else stays the same:

    Join request? How can I get a higher chance? How long does the trial period last? & How am I going to be tested?

    • We're a different squad because sometimes I may be way too strict in your opinion. Well, I think being strict is a good way of leading a squad. By being strict I want to motivate you to work harder to join us. You saw in the update posted by Danny that a lot of members were kicked. The shooter squad is searching for members at the moment so if you think you are what we're looking for, feel free to write a join request. Because I saw a lot of players had written join requests that were declined, I'd like to give you a hint: try writing atleast 500 words (DO NOT INCLUDE THE WORDS WRITTEN IN THE FORMAT). Of course I won't check every join request to see if there were written 500 words but I can make the difference between a thread which has 150 words and a thread which has 300 words. Also try to make its design look clean. If I see you're really interested in joining us of course I will give you the chance to prove me that you deserve being a 3R member.
    • The trial period can last between 2 and 4 weeks. It depends because some members work harder than others. If you don't pass the trial period in 2-4 weeks you'll be kicked.
    • It doesn't matter who you are. Our community is really big so everybody who applies and gets accepted will be tested in-game! The test has its own format: 30 rounds. The tester decides how many rounds will be played Aerial Shots only, how many rounds will be played Ground Shots only and how many rounds will be both allowed, Ground and Aerial Shots. Of course in the test we'll try to see if you can adapt to different jumps on the map (low jump, medium jump and sometimes high jump).

    Punishment Changes

    Because now we have only members that can speak English well, members that are well-behaved and skilled I won't admit as many mistakes as I was doing in the past! I want to make sure my members don't abuse their commands in any way. If you see any member abusing, please report him and I'd be more than happy to solve the problem.

    Training sessions

    I want my team to be well prepared in clan wars. That's why we will organize weekly training sessions. A member MUST come at least 2 times a month at our training sessions (2/4). Every Saturday the clan war room will be occupied by shooter squad for training. Sometimes we will organize training sessions on a special server but those days I will announce everyone one day before.

    We can work together

    Every shooter member can be given tasks by me, Fix and other staff members. In this way we make sure you can handle such a position in our community. Just wait for your turn and you'll have some work to do too.

    This is all I had to say for now, stay tuned for more updates!


    3liteRacers Shooter Squad Management.

  • Logs, August 2019

    H4TTY was invited by Skyler, 8/1/2019

    s6o left, unfounded reasons, 8/1/2019

    iRex was kicked by Fix, 8/2/2019

    HrJ was invited by Skyler, 8/4/2019