Greetings from Xayero

  • Hi guys,

    It has been a while since i m playing into your server from multiply locations and even countries due to my university & also holidays. So lets get started :D
    My name is Pierre and i m 20 years old, living in Denmark in the capital which is Copenhagen. Im also studying there as i mentioned above accounting & finance.
    Also few really important notes to make, just because i rarely write in the server chat it doesnt mean i dont know english, instead i prefer to be more silent & to focus in the game.
    One more note i wanted to make is that some guys informed me that there is/was someone who was faking me, i dont know what to say im just really dissapointed of the kids mta community has.
    The real one is me and im playing strictly only DeathMatch.

    Thats it for now
    See ya.

    Ahh, and by the way if you still doubt that im the real one you can take a look on this on just few minutes of gameplay.