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    Before I start just let me say that I would like to congratulate Bronana & lion22 for their awesome job on designs & scripted stuff. There is much more stuff to be explored besides the ones I share here, so join the server and explore all of our features!

    Introducing new infernus/cheetah skins & tail lights

    Yet another thing that has been on our minds to release on 3.0 but it comes with 3.1.


    Introducing new map /next map names and map time counter design

    New style comes with rounded corners

    OEDu7i6.gif    Paz7QzC.gif

  • Due to request and often complains about the liveries that they look worse than in store, here is the list and images of all liveries for infernus and cheetah.

    The list will be updated when new liveries will arrive.

    Click on the name to see the image.

    Infernus Liveries Non-Premium

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    Gather around players! It's time for some tournament series!

    This weekend (29/06 and 30/06) there will be two spontanious tournaments on our server!

    Specific time is announced on our discord, so be sure to check it out:

    What is a spontanious tournament?

    It's a tournament that happens right here, right now. We set up a specific date and time, players show up at that time and join the CW arena to participate in the tournament.

    How to sign up?

    As mentioned above, you just have to be on the server at specific time and join the CW arena. You will be told about the password.

    What are we playing?

    It depends! Sometimes it can be a Shooter tournament, sometimes DM, sometimes DD, and sometimes something else! The gamemode type is always announced on Discord the day before the tournament. In terms of maps, there are several most popular maps for each gamemode.

    How does it look like?

    The tournaments are 1 versus 1. The amount of rounds depends on the

  • Update #14 (3.1 #1)



    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug with music which often was playing even though it has been previously muted.
    • Fixed a bug with autoscore in CW arena.
    • Fixed a visual deathlist bug in CW arena - it did not update after using the /cw reset command.


    • HUD has been updated - new hp, nos, speedometer, rocket timer, map info, map timer, Redzone timer, Race checkpoints info.
    • Technical improvements for top list.
    • It is now possible to copy and paste in report panel. This should make it easier to provide proof in-game.
    • Technical improvements for animated liveries.
    • Technical improvements for Redzone arena. From now on, the case where the round ended before the last safe zone check should not happen. The server will check remaining players in safe zone before the time-up.
    • Mute now works on serials. If muted player creates a new account, the account will be muted as well.


    • Reaching top 1 position in DM, HDM, OS, or Race map will be globally displayed on chat.