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  • Update #17 (3.1 #4)



    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug with nametags that wouldn't be displayed when spectating after having enabled car hiding.
    • Fixed a bug with PVP chat which was shown even for those that weren't in the PVP anymore.


    • Jumping on Shooter is now enabled since the start of the round.
    • Country flags have been refreshed.


    • Scoreboard has received a new design.
    • Dff files are now supported. Mappers can use custom object models on their maps. NOTE: If we have your map on the server and new models were removed, you can send your map with these files to me privately to reupload them.
    • Map songs are now supported. Players can use M bind to switch between streamer, map songs and mute. NOTE: If we have your map on the server and the map song was removed, you can send your map with the song to me privately to reupload it.
  • Update #16 (3.1 #3)



    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug where the livery didn't change after equipping or unequipping in PVP.
    • Ping and FPS Systems are now working properly in PVP arena.
    • It's not possible anymore to mute and ban for a negative amount of time.
    • /who command has been fixed - if bound, it can be now properly turned off without having to write the command.
    • Fixed a bug with countdown in PVP arena.
    • /kick and /mute commands have been fixed for Trials.


    • AFK, FPS, and Ping Systems have been improved. The limits remain the same (minimum 20 FPS and maximum 350 ping).
    • Staff commands (such as /kick, /mute etc.) have received a small improvement.


    • In PVP arena, players can now determine own FPS and Ping limits, team names and team colours.
    • Two new shooter variants have been added to PVP arena (Shooter GK and Shooter AK+Mid).
    • AFK players have now "(AFK)" text next to their nickname on scoreboard.
    • /rate command has been added. Players can rate each map in a scale from 1 to 10. Besides map
  • Update #15 (3.1 #2)



    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with DDe maps and its objects that most of the time didn't load.
    • Refunding has been fixed and is available again.
    • Jumping on shooter has been slightly improved.
    • Rocket colour lights have received some fixes.
    • Fixed a bug where some wheels had wrong textures on tires.
    • Player unbanned from arena doesn't have to reconnect anymore.
    • Team member list is now refreshing for the player after team rank change.
    • Race checkpoints should not be displayed anymore in other arenas.
    • In Race arena, vehicles after respawn are no longer damage proof.
    • Positioning in Race arena has been improved.
    • The "Return to lobby" button has been fixed.
    • Removed world objects are now actually fully removed - they still have had LOD objects.
    • The bug with two loaded at the same time maps should be fixed.
    • Timer has received some bug fixes.
    • Fixed a bug with scroll in inventory.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed to buy maps from other arenas.
    • Team management options in admin panel have been fixed.

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